I like to read, watch movies, eat, write stories, dance, and hear gossips. But I don't spread them, of course. I also like it when people tell me their problems <3

I don’t freak out when i have a book on my hands, but if you give me a book that has a great story, I wouldn’t let go of it until I’m done and it’ll leave me to look for more stories as great as it. I used to write a lot and now sometimes I get urges to write but I dont because when I write, my feelings come out and I pour them on the paper and I dont want to pour out my feelings; I want them hidden. I like to play the drums and the piano and I want to learn to play the guitar, but I lose my focus after how long because I get lazy especially when I practice on my own. I like to dancw, but I need an instructor with me and im picky on the song and the steps and the way the dance is being taught to me. I like to draw but then I wouldn’t know what to draw when I have the pen and paper with me and I hate my drawings so I stop right when I start. I like to sing but I can’t sing so I don’t. I like to skate.
I get offended easily and when I get offended or embarrassed, I get angry. I don’t forgive easily but sometimes I brush things off like it’s no big deal. I’m loud but I’m also quiet; sometimes I like to be left alone but sometimes I also love the company of others. I easily feel left out.
I feel unloved. I shield my feelings and my opinions and pretend like nothing really affects me. I’m paranoid and judge situations.
I’m listing all these things about myself but at the same time I don’t know who I am.

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Don’t let the heart that didn’t love you, keep you from the one that will.